Product Discovery

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The Discovery module is essential when you have a firm grasp of the core capabilities and need to move your teams from output-oriented work in a feature factory to outcome-oriented problem-solving of customer problems.

It is hard to unlock new value from the market and most organisations transform in a feature factory in trying to do so. The alternative is to apply these techniques to make your teams obsessed with the customer and unlock new value that way.

Product discovery is about creating capabilities in your teams to discover what customers really need and using that knowledge to drive results.

This module will teach you how to find your customer in a red ocean of competitors. You will learn how to capture that information and use it to guide the teams towards becoming problem-solving teams that are held accountable for results.

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What is Product Discovery?

The often-forgotten yet crucial element of product management

Exploring the market

Understanding the market & identifying competition

Exploring the user

Identify customer segments ; problem definitions, ideation, and empathizing

Customer Journey Mapping

From user journey to concrete tasks

Assumption mapping & experimentation

Understanding desirability, viability, and feasibility of your proposed solutions

Sustaining Product Discovery

How to embed product discovery in your organization

After completing this module, you will have:

  • Created several personas and market segments
  • Identified and labelled customer pains and unmet needs
  • Practiced and role-played with customer journey mapping
  • Identified experiments can be run successfully
  • Learned which experiment works where and when
  • Described several experiments and their outcomes
  • Experienced the power of root-cause-analysis
  • Identified how you can embed design thinking and/or service design in your way of working
  • Gained practical experience in product discovery
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Product Discovery

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