Product Strategy

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The Product Strategy module is essential when you have a firm grasp of the core capabilities of Product Management and need to bridge the gap between product and business strategy.

Most organisations suffer from a product management vacuum between corporate goals, business strategy and the success of their products. As a result, goals becoming too big and generic, making it difficult to maintain focus.

This module teaches you how you can create focus and alignment. Through goal-setting and based on an inspiring product vision it creates a lens that you can use for effective product positioning, which can be used in the market and in cases where there’s a portfolio of products. Allowing you to guide the organisation. A good strategy defines the path towards product and business objectives.

Building on your core capabilities, you will learn how to craft an effective product strategy and use it to create alignment. You will also use your own product to create a strategic plan. Finally, you will deep dive in roadmaps and communication to guide the product and the organisation.

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What is Strategy?

Why is strategy important and needs your attention?

Strategic Planning

What make up the elements of a good strategy? Most Product Strategy courses only cover the topics of the product vision and roadmapping. However, a proper product strategy follows a couple of steps and describes the path towards the organisational objectives.


In order to determine your path towards your objectives, you need to have a good understanding of your current position. Not only of your competitors and the macro economic situation. But a factor to consider is your internal capability as an organisation to deal with change. Considering your stakeholder field, your internal systems and governance. All factors that might impact your path to succes..,

Long Term Strategy

Identify the biggest problems to solve in the long term. Where does your product fit in the portfolio. What are the circumstances  and which strategic options do you have? How can you elevate your weaknesses and utilise your opportunities into strategic options?

Business Modelling

Review your business model and your value proposition. Why does your product excist? And how do you bring the story and message of your strategic plan across?

Short Term Strategy

How does this all boil down to a roadmap for the next couple of months? What will you be working on next and how does that fit the bigger picture.

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Product Strategy

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